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Metcosped Ltd. is a 100% privately owned Hungarian enterprise that commenced operations on June 1, 1990.

We are experts in the field of international forwarding, logistics, customs clearance and other business services relating to foreign trade. Our past goes back to Metalimpex Steel Foreign Trade Company where many of our clients still come from.

We continue to transport millions of tons steel products and raw material for customers, old and new.

Our experienced team of specialists guarantees our work to the highest standards, and provides our customers with a reliable and efficient service.

We started our activity with Rail and Road Forwarding and by now we can offer you the same quality of Oversea Container Forwarding service along with delivering your goods by air as well. Any of these activities can be connected to our flexible Logistics Services in the warehouse, too. Warehousing is available for both transit and long-term facilities even for goods which need refrigeration. Along with the usual logistics services.

We have a superb reputation for delivering goods from other industries such as the chemical industry, FMCG, building industry and other special areas such as domestic or international  relocation.

Our professional and enthusiastic team is always willing to respond to your individual needs. Punctual loading and delivery with the utmost care of your goods is what we guarantee.

Metcosped has got the ISO 9001:2008 Certification of ISO Standard of 1998, which monitors our working practices.

We are Member of Association of the Hungarian Forwarding and Logistic Providers, Member of the Organisation of Customs, Fiscal and Agricultural Services.


Alliance memberships

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