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Selection of quality manual

Metcosped Ltd. obtained certificate ISO 9002 (1994 standard) in 1998.

This rewritten documentation with its supplements is based on the standard specification of ISO 9001:2000.

Why is this standard different?

This international standard specifies and defines the requirement for a quality management system, which contributes to continuous perfection.

It talks about quality management system instead of an assurance of quality, indicating the importance of the buyer's satisfaction, which means that the quality controlled system inspires confidence towards the products/service.

The new standard uses the word "organization" instead of supplier, which hence refers to the subcontractor.

The new standard specifies the documentation of so far unknown conceptions' as "permanent inner contact", "keeping connection with the customer", "satisfaction of the customer". The new standard is based on a customer-orientated aspect in favour of achieving higher customer satisfaction.

The whole system refers to the customer's satisfaction so it will respond to the customer's individual needs.

It is not based on a 20-elements system but it consists of 4 main subjects.

The organization identifies and directs many inter-connected processes.

These ones make the management of the company process orientated.

Design and development:
Design and development planning in quality management system comes to the fore as a process because of the possibilities it allows to enter the system. Planning takes the customer's expectations into consideration and enables an appropriate inter-communication. It also gains the result of buyer satisfaction.

Quality policy

Metcosped Ltd. has pledged itself to meet the partners' requirements and expectation for safety and quality. The aim is to understand and conform to the customer's requirements. The company strives to satisfy the buyers (customers) by the efficiency, enthusiasm, cooperation and expertise of its work. Control of the quality system is maintained by ensuring the continuous improvement in quality of work of our staff. Thus the quality policy refers to:

The aim of the quality policy at Metcosped Ltd.:

  • To meet the customers requirements by providing a service with technical expertise.
  • Attempt to ensure reasonable salaries for our agents, that our partners get the desired result and of course keeping business booming.

To reach these aims we need to pay special attention to:

  • Answering the offers within the deadline.
  • Obtaining the information required to enable the company to provide an expert reply.
  • Renew professional knowledge of rules and expertise.
  • Give information to partners concerning orders.
  • Choose the right supplier.
  • Ensure all details are recorded.
  • Check arrival and outgoing documents.
  • Check deadline of working process, mark and correct mistakes.
  • Analyse monthly profit and debts.
  • Check work is proceeding within deadline, identify and correct mistakes.
Aim in Quality

Develop the profile of Metcosped Ltd. and maintain its position on the market:

  • Develop and foster good communication skills
  • Provide adequate source of human resources, continuous skills improvement
  • Continuous increase of trade and turnover

Providing and maintaining accurate service:

  • Introduce new services to maintain customer satisfaction
  • Effective Quality Management System
  • Preventative and correcting work
  • Examining suppliers

Customer orientation:

  • Checking
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Meet customers' expectations

Win the satisfaction of our colleagues.


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